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Farm Bureau 2021 Season Players of the Week

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Week #1 Western Alamance


Varsity - (offense) Cam Peoples and Shyheim Watlington, (defense) Cam Peoples and Nhycer Kelly, (hammer) Paul Widerman, (special teams) Vince Widerman and Anthony Franson, and (practice) Omarie Siddle


JV - Noah Ware and Javon Harris

Week #2 Page

Varsity - (offense) Cam Peoples and Que'Shyne Flippen, (defense) Jaden McCain, (special teams) Cam Peoples and Que'Shyne Flippen, (hammer) Jariel Cobb, Al Lee, and Josh Williams, and (practice) Omarie Siddle

JV - Grayson Robinson, Trey Poteat, and Jeremiah Redd


Week #3









Week #4 RCHS


Varsity - (offense) Cam Peoples, Vince Widerman, and Shyheim Watlington, (defense) Aidan Mansfield and Shyheim Watlington, (special Teams) Kai Jordan, (hammer) Jariel Cobb, and (practice) Landon Denny.



JV - Grayson Robinson and Trey Poteat

Week #5 North Forsyth

Varsity - (offense) Cam Peoples, Al Lee, and Shyheim Watlington, (defense) Davian Larry and Que'Shyne Flippen, (hammer) Julius Miller, (special teams) Vince Widerman, and (practice) Shawn Stinson




Week #6 Walkertown

Varsity - (offense) Nashaun Price and Que'Shyne Flippen,

(defense) Cam Peoples and Aidan Mansfield, (hammer) Julius Miller, (special teams) Anthony Franson and Kai Jordan, and (practice) Omarie Siddle and the entire JV squad

JV - Jeremiah Cobb and Kalil Banks

Week #7 HP Andrews



Varsity - (offense) Que'Shyne Flippen, (defense) Vince Widerman and Jariel Cobb, (hammer) Vince Widerman, Jariel Cobb, and Cam Peoples, and (special teams) Landon Denny


Week #8 









Week #9 West Stokes

Varsity - (offense) Nhycer Kelly, Al Lee, and Que Shyne Flippen, (defrense) Nhycer Kelly, Shyheim Watlington, and Devin Shyrock, (hammer) Jariel Cobb, (special teams) Anthony Franson and Lamar Carter, and (practice) Landon Denny, Omarie Siddle, and Davian Larry.

JV - Jeremiah Redd



​​Week #10 McMichael

Varsity - (offense) Que' Shyne Flippen and NaShaun Price, (defense) Jaden McCain and Davian Larry, (hammer) Shyheim Watlington, (special teams) Vince Widerman, and (practice) Omarie Siddle

JV - Jamar Turner, Jeremiah Cobb, and Matthew Guill


Week #11 Morehead

 (offense) Que'Shyne Flippen, Shyheim Watlington, and Trey Lee, (defense) Jaden McCain and Davian Larry, (hammer) Jariel Cobb, and (practice) Lamar Carter

Week #12 Randleman

 (offense) Que' Shyne Flippen and Nashaun Price, (defense) Que'Shyne Flippen, (hammer) Nashaun Price and Nhycer Kelly, (special teams) Paul Widerman, Lamar Carter, Kai Jordan, and Que'Shyne Flippen, and (practice) Landon Denny

Week #13 Chase

(offense) Jaden McCain, Cam Peoples, Al Lee, and Nashaun Price, (defense) Que'Shyne Flippen, Lorenzo Mendoza, and Shyheim Watlington, (hammer) Jariel Cobb, (special teams) Sean Thompson, Kai Jordan, and Lamar Carter, and (practice)

Zyrae Jones

Week #14 Hendersonville

(offense) Shyheim Watlington, Nhycer Kelly, Al Lee, and Cam Peoples, (defense) Jaden McCain, Davian Larry, and Lorenzo Mendoza, (hammer) Al Lee and Jaden McCain, (special teams) Cam Peoples, and (practice) Omarie Siddle and Davian Larry




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