Farm Bureau 2021 Season Players of the Week

PreSeason  Feb. 20th


Varsity - (offense) Kyle Pinnix, Orion Johnson, Jacob Guill, and Javon Burton, (defense) Vince Widerman, Jaden Robinson, Kahree Hayes, and Jaden McCain


JV - Greyson Robinson and Grayson Blackwell

Week #2 March 5th


Varsity -(offense) Breon Pass and Isaiah Mosqueda, (defense) Ki Rankin and Keyan Floyd (special teams) Anthony Franson, Tamir Johnson, and Cam Peoples, (hammer) Talik Harrison, and (practice) Jalen Galloway and Devin Shryock


JV - Al Lee and Que'Shyne Flippen

Week #3 March 12th

Varsity -(offense) Kyle Pinnix and Breon Pass, (defene) JD McCain

and Kahree Hayes, (hammer) Isaiah Mosqueda, (special teams) Breon Pass and Anthony Franson, and (practice) Ki Rankin

JV - Al Lee and Lorenzo Mendoza

Week #4 March 19th

Varsity - (offense) NaShaun Price and Jaden Robinson, (defense) Ki Rankin and Tamir Johnson, (special teams) Cam Peoples and Omarion Pettiford, (practice) Kahree Hayes, and (hammer) Al Lee, Ste'vian Harrison, Talik Harrison, and Breon Pass

JV - Aidan Mansfield and Lorenzo Mendoza

Week #5 March 26th

Varsity - (offense) Talik Harrison and Orion Johnson, (defense) Tamir Johnson, (special teams) Ki Rankin and Devin Shryock, (hammer) Kahree Hayes and Omari Siddle, and (practice) Lorenzo Mendoza

Week #6 April 1st

Varsity - (offense) Ste'vian Harrison and Isaiah Mosqueda, (defense) Kahree Hayes, (special teams) Matthew McKinney, (hammer) Ki Rankin, Omarion Pettiford, and Jaden Robinson, and (practice) Jacob Guill

JV - Omari Siddle and Nycer Kelly

Week #7 April 8th

Varsity - (offense) Ste'vian Harrison and Jacob Guill, (defense) Ki Rankin and Javon Burton, (hammer) Ki Rankin, (special teams) Que'Shyne Flippen, Talik Harrison, and Omarion Pettiford, and (practice) Omarion Pettiford and Jaden Robinson

Week #8 April 16th

Varsity - (offense) Ste'vian Harrison, Breon Pass, Jalen Galloway, Jaden Robinson, Cam Peoples, and Kyle Pinnix, (defense) Kahree Hayes and Vince Widerman, (special teams) Breon Pass, Cam Peoples, and Kahree Hayes, (hammer) Ste'vian Harrison, and (practice) Jacob Guill and Tommy Lunsford

Week #9 April 24th

Varsity - (offense) Ste'vian Harrison, (defense) Jaden Robinson,

Ki Rankin, and Keyan Floyd, (hammer) Nashaun Price, (special teams) Anthony Franson, and (practice) Lorenzo Mendoza and Greyson Blackwell

Week #10 April 30th

Varsity (offense) Ste'vian Harrison, Cam Peoples, Kyle Pinnix, Nashaun Price, and Que'Shyne Flippen, (defense) Kahree Hayes and Devin Shryock, (special teams) Talik Harrison, Breon Pass, and Matthew McKinney, and (hammer) Ste'vian Harrison, Julius Miller, and Devin Shryock


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