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The Touchdown Club is the life blood of the Football Program.  The Touchdown Club provides the players with the pre game meals, post season awards and team apparel.  Not only does the support come from monatary donations, but more times than not, it comes from the man hours the club members dedicate each year to our fund raising activites!  


There is a major misconception about the Reidsville Football program in the eyes of the general public and fans alike.  Many feel with the success of the Reidsville Football prgram, we should should have plenty of funds to run the program.  Many feel the "Super 30" membership goes to the football program.  We do receive funds, but that program funds all sports programs at Reidsville.   Many feel we receive tons of revenue from concessions.   The Lion's Club has run the concession stand for Reidsville Football for many years and we are glad to have their support; however, they receive 50% of the profit for their services.  The remaining 50% goes to support all sports programs.  


The vast majority of the funds needed to run the program come from the Touchdown Club.  For whatever reason, we do not have the memberhsip level of a program similar to Reidsville's caliber might receive elsewhere.  We are not sure if it's the misconceptions, lack of preceived value or economy.   We can't fix the economy, but we can address the other two issues.  


Please help us with your membership and time.  We have a great time and support the kids and team we love.



Roofs For Rams Fundraiser -- 

The Reidsville Touchdown Club and Home Solutions Roofing have formed a partnership that will not only help the Football Program, but you the qualifing Homeowners as well.  Home Solutions specializes in replacing Hail and Wind Damaged roofs.   Most homeowners are unaware they have damage.   "Jason and his team inspected my roof and found hail damage," said Reidsville AD Joe Walker.   "Home Solutions was able to replace my roof with no out-of-pocket expense to my wife and I, while also giving the Touchdown Club at check for $105.   The program is simple, for each qualifying roof Home Solutions inspects, the Touchdown Club will receive $5.   If Jason and his team find damage on your roof and it is approved for replacement, Home Solutions will donate $100-$200 depending on the size of the job.   You can visit Home Solutions at

Support Your RAMS

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